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Identify Mercedes COMAND APS head unit

By Shopx4 April 24, 2020

This guide will help you identify Mercedes-Benz head units, COMAND, radio, stereo version. Scroll down the list until you see the head unit that matches the one on your car. We have included a list of applicable models as general guidance. COMAND APS NTG5 Mercedes-Benz NTG 5 COMAND (NTG5HU) is found on several models including […]

How Apple’s CarPlay Compares to the Competition

By Shopx4 March 23, 2020

Apple may have finally rectified the disconnect between our cars and our smartphones — if only for iPhone users — with the introduction of CarPlay. It turns that archaic screen on your dash into a car-friendly iOS device, with Maps, Messaging, Music and more. By taking control of your car’s screen, Apple is providing access to all […]

Identify my BMW iDrive system

By Shopx4 February 13, 2020

How to Locate a Vehicle’s Manufacture Date 1. By the year of production Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to determine your iDrive version with 100% accuracy, because in some countries the production month can be different. But at least you’ll have some understanding which head unit can be in your […]

This Audi Can Predict When a Parking Space Will Open Up

By Shopx4 February 5, 2020

WHEN THE WIFE and I head into San Francisco for a night on the town, I don’t bother entering the restaurant’s address into the sat-nav. I find the nearest parking garage and use that instead. It’s a helluva lot easier than endlessly circling the block in search of a parking space, wishing my navi could tell […]

iDrive vs. CarPlay vs. Android Auto: Which Is Best for Your BMW in 2020?

By Shopx4 January 28, 2020

A decent infotainment system is a must for any modern car intended for everyday driving. The major auto manufacturers have all cottoned on, each developing their own systems in-house and making them available in most of their latest models. Hot on their heels is a proliferation of third-party hardware and software designed to add new […]

New In-Car LTE Finally Brings Netflix Binges to Your Commute

By Shopx4 December 18, 2019

  GET READY TO tack on another device to your wireless bill. Audi and Cadillac are bringing in-car 4G LTE connectivity to their newest vehicles, with plans to expand the service across their range of products in the coming years. And it’s further proof that your car is just another data-sucking device living alongside your smartphone and tablet. […]

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