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The new ESCORT M2 dashcam with bulit-in GPS records the road ahead in 1080p high definition quality and is optimized for both day and night recording. The M2 is designed to attach to most ESCORT detector mounts while also using the same power source to operate the dashcam and detector. This integration eliminates the need for additional cords and power sources in the car and creates a single space on the windshield for both the detection unit and dash cam.

The M2 is controlled through the ESCORT Drive Smarter app via dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. Through the app, drivers can control the dashcam functionality including resolution and settings. The ESCORT M2 app also lets users download footage from the dash cam directly to their smart devices, so it can be shared instantly with insurance companies or other parties. CLOUD VIDEO MANAGEMENT give you the ability to instantly stores, edit, and share footage with the Drive Smarter® app.

The Emergency Record Button and G-Sensor allow the M2 to lock down important video files in cases of emergency, whether by manual activation or by collision detection. Super-capacitor technology allows the ESCORT M2 to withstand extreme car temperatures.

The ESCORT M2 requires a compatible detector, detector mount and power cord. A 16GB micro SD card is included.

Compatible Detectors with no additional accessory required:
ESCORT iX, MAX 360, MAX 360c, Passport Max, Passport Max 2, Redline EX, ESCORT iXc, MAX II Platinum

Detectors requiring an optional ESCORT StickyCup Mounting Bracket: ESCORT Passport X80, Solo S4

**The sale, possession, or use of radar detectors may not be legal in some provinces or states. NOT FOR SALE IN QUEBEC, ONTARIO AND MARITIME PROVINCES**

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